In addition to the effect of moisturizing and maintaining water, sodium lactate powder also has a certain degree of acidity regulation and antisepsis and sterilization effect.

Sodium lactate powder is a new kind of antiseptic and preservative agent, which is mainly applied to meat and poultry products and has a strong inhibitory effect on meat food bacteria. Such as E. coli, Clostridium botulinum, Listeria and so on. Through the inhibition of food pathogens, so as to enhance food safety. Enhances and improves the flavor of meat and extends its shelf life.

It is mainly suitable for barbecue, ham, sausages, chicken and duck poultry products and sauce brine products.

Sodium lactate powder can be used in conjunction with some preservatives to provide synergistic effects. Sodium lactate powder can meet different process requirements and is flexible to use.

Why sodium lactate powder is an ideal food additive in meat products:

1 Pure natural additives;

2 Improve the stability of the color of meat products;

3 Neutral pH, and excellent pH buffering ability; mild salty taste;

4 Increase the safety of foods by inhibiting pathogenic bacteria in foods (Cytobacter, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E. coli, etc.); in turn, the production cycle is prolonged and the return rate is reduced, thus making production possible. The cost of business is reduced.

5 can reduce the amount of Na, increase and maintain the flavor of meat; Sodium Lactate can reduce the activity of water;

6Sodium lactate has the function of water retention, which can increase the yield and control the water;

7 In frozen meat products, sodium lactate can effectively inhibit fat oxidation;

8 Through the action of protein, keep the protein moisture, increase the softness of the protein, make the protein tissue swell, prevent the product from aging, and enable the product to maintain a fresh meat flavor;

9 The cost is relatively low.