Why sodium lactate powder are phosphate substitutes used in meat and poultry?

Are you trying to reduce the sodium content of meat products without affecting taste and microbiological stability? Is it trying to reduce the amount of phosphate, and continue to maintain a good flavor and control the water, keep the ingredients fresh. We are committed to the development of new preservatives and water-retaining agents that not only extend shelf life and maintain flavor, but also improve quality and yield. Get healthier and safer meat and poultry.

For meat and poultry, we are launching a series of cost-saving, healthier, safer solutions to prolong shelf life and pathogen control. It also provides texture, taste, flavor and safety in meat science, food microbiology and application. Reduce the content of sodium and replace phosphate.

We are presenting sodium lactate powder, sodium lactate powder blend with sodium acetate powder, sodium lactate blend with sodium acetate powders, and potassium lactate blend with sodium acetate. As healthier preservative and water-retaining agents, are used in meat and poultry as a substitute for phosphate.

Our solutions for meat and poultry act as Preservatives and Water retention agents include the following products:

Sodium Lactate power blend with Sodium acetate or sodium diacetate, powder
Sodium Lactate liquid blend with Sodium acetate or sodium diacetate
Potassium Lactate  blend with Sodium acetate or sodium diacetate
Potassium Lactate blend with Potassium acetate orPotassium diacetate