The ferrous lactate is different from other iron-supplying substances and belongs to divalent iron ions. It can be completely absorbed directly in the intestine without gastric acid transformation, and its absorption and utilization rate is very high.

The lack of iron is a global problem. Iron deficiency can also cause dysphagia syndrome. Clinical manifestations include hypochromic anemia, dysphagia, angular cheilitis, abnormal tongue sensation, and spoon-shaped nails. The disease accounts for about 90% of women, rare in children. Difficult persons with dysphagia, esophagoscopy or X-ray examination can be found without abnormalities, occasional esophageal mucosal sepals formed.

Adolescent female chronic chlorosis is mainly caused by iron deficiency in the body. It is characterized by hypochromic anemia of small cells and iron deficiency anemia. The main cause of the disease in girls or adolescents is the increase in iron needed by the body, excessive iron loss from menstrual cramps, or lack of iron in the stomach resulting in insufficient iron intake.

Foods rich in high-quality protein such as eggs, milk, fish, lean meat, shrimp, and beans.

Vitamin C-rich foods Fresh fruits and green vegetables, such as jujube, apricot, orange, hawthorn, tomato, bitter gourd, green pepper, lettuce, green bamboo shoots and so on. Vitamin C is involved in hematopoiesis and promotes iron absorption and utilization.

Iron-rich foods such as chicken liver, liver, beef and sheep kidney, lean meat, egg yolk, kelp, black sesame, sesame, black fungus, soybeans, mushrooms, brown sugar, rapeseed, celery, etc. Iron is the main constituent of blood, and iron deficiency anemia is more common.

Ferrous lactate dihydrate food grade is a good bivalent iron supplement.

The ferrous lactate has been widely used in the production of roasted seeds and seeds. As a national food additive, it can completely replace ferrous sulfate, has a certain nutritional value, has no toxic or side effects, and can make seeds good, good color, especially in green tea. In the processing of seeds, the color is better, the quality is better, and the added amount is 1-1.5‰.

At present, we have customers who use it, and the effect is particularly good, especially for green tea seeds. Flavor. Both quality and color have significantly improved.