What products are used in calcium lactate Pentahydrate ?

  1. It is widely used in dairy products and beverages such as milk powder, liquid milk, lactic acid bacteria beverages, fruits and vegetables, protein drinks, since it has good solubility and taste, and does not produce precipitation reaction with other substances. effect.
  2. It is used in biscuits, cereals, rice cakes and other foods to strengthen the nutrition of calcium, such as bread, steamed bread, rice, noodles, rice cakes, snow cakes, convenience foods, puffed foods and various biscuit cakes and foods. With calcium strengthening, protect teeth and other effects.
  3. For calcium tablets, calcium powder, calcium supplement oral liquid, the advantage is high solubility, good taste, high body absorption and utilization, non-toxic side effects.
  4. Due to its high solubility, calcium lactate can provide a high concentration of calcium ions, while calcium ions have a strong bridging effect, so calcium lactate is an excellent adhesive agent.
  5. Curing agent and embrittlement agent: Because of the high solubility of calcium lactate, calcium lactate can provide a very high concentration of calcium ions, and calcium ions can form a structural bridge between phospholipid molecules, link phospholipid molecules, and thus stabilize the membrane. structure. At the same time, calcium ions can also bind to the membrane proteins of plant cells, reducing the permeability of cell membranes and preventing extravasation of cell contents. Therefore, calcium lactate can be used as a curing agent and embrittlement agent for the processing and preservation of fruits, vegetables and pickles, reducing the loss of cured products, maintaining the properties and increasing the brittleness.
  6. Calcium lactate is also used in toothpaste to prevent the loss of minerals in tooth enamel and at the same time reduce the formation of tartar in order to achieve the effect of tooth care. In the tobacco industry, it can improve the burning characteristics of cigarettes, improve the gray matter, and improve the quality of cigarettes.
  7. Calcium lactate Pentahydrate can reduce the activity of water in the product, lactate ions can enter the cell to inhibit and destroy the metabolism of microorganisms, so calcium lactate can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria and extend product holiday.

Application Guidance: Add 0.2-0.35% lactic acid to the marinade; 1-1.5% calcium lactate.