What is magnesium lactate dihydrate?

 Chemical Name: Magnesium alpha-hydroxypropionate 

CAS NO. 18917-93-6

Molecular formula: C6H10MgO6•2H2O,

Molecular weight: 238.44 (according to 1987 international atomic weight) 

Magnesium lactate is a white to cheese crystal powder or granular, odorless. An excellent, relatively economical magnesium organic enhancer, widely added in various foods to supplement the lack of magnesium in foods, has a significant effect in preventing various magnesium deficiency disorders and enhancing vitality. 

Magnesium lactate is widely used in foods, beverages, dairy products, flour, nutritional liquids, and pharmaceuticals.

It is a raw material of a Magnesium supplement ,act as a nutrient of dietary supplement .