Six advantages of sodium lactate powder

1, high efficiency, small amount of added, cost savings

The synergistic effect of powdered sodium lactate greatly enhances the preservative effect of sodium lactate itself, and its preservative efficacy is 2-5 times that of liquid sodium lactate.

2, efficient and convenient, easy to use

Powdered sodium lactate can be used in dry powder materials, which is beneficial to use, transportation and storage, and completely solves the weakness of liquid sodium lactate inconvenient powder addition compound.

3, enhance food flavor

Powdered sodium lactate does not adversely affect food taste, odor, flavor and appearance. The results of professional flavor analysis showed that the special salty taste of powder sodium lactate actually enhances the flavor of meat products.

4,Reduce cooking loss in meat products and increase product yield.

In addition, the buffering properties and neutral pH of powdered sodium lactate reduce the cooking loss of meat products and increase the product yield.

5, anti-corrosion effect is not limited by the PH.

In addition to inhibiting the growth of microorganisms that cause spoilage, powdered sodium lactate also achieves preservation of food by reducing the water activity of the product, and the antiseptic effect is not limited by Ph.

6, good high temperature resistance

High temperature resistance, no effect in high temperature cooking

(b) How to use

1, the use of powdered sodium lactate is easy to use, can be directly added to the meat products or mixed in the spices

2, can also be formulated into a solution with a certain concentration.

(III) Addition amount

The amount of powder sodium lactate used depends on local laws and regulations, types of meat products, and shelf life requirements.

Europe and Canada: no special restrictions

United States: Maximum usage is 0.5% (total meat weight)

Mainland China: Recommended use levels of 0.5%-1% for single use and 0.1%-0.5% of recommended use for mixed preservatives