China’s environmental policy has been becoming more stringent since 2017, the price of raw materials and chemical products is expected to continue to rise. The Government’s strengthening of environmental restrictions on small and medium-sized chemical production enterprises has reduced the supply of raw materials. Basic chemical raw materials prices have been rising since 2017. Production costs in all food additive industries have risen sharply. 

The lactates prices are expected to continue to rise. On the other hand, with the in-depth implementation of environmental policy, is conducive to improving the supply and demand of lactic acid products, the industry is a long-term positive. Honghuibio company has made including food additives, duplicate production permits, drinking water hygiene and safety products, such as health license approvals and other relevant qualifications, in the production process emissions have already reached the corresponding environmental standards. The company is the only Chinese factory to produce all kinds of lactates with GMP standard’s workshops.