1   The good solubility of calcium lactate



2 The calcium lactate is derived from natural lactic acid and naturally occurs in the human body.

3 The bioavailability of bio-lactate calcium (the amount of nutrients that can be absorbed by the body) is high: Absorption rate of calcium in human body sequence: calcium lactate> calcium gluconate> calcium carbonate> calcium phosphate

4 lactate calcium has a good taste, neutral pH, and The smallest concentration of calcium lactate that can be perceived after different calcium sources are dissolved in water is the largest. The details as below:



Calcium source (25℃) Solubility(g/100ml) The content of calcium(g/100ml) Benefits
Calcium lactate 9.3 1.27 High solubility, high absorption rate, right price
Calcium gluconate 3.5 0.33 More expensive, less soluble, less bioabsorbable than calcium lactate
Calcium Citrate 0.2 0.04 Low solubility, low bioabsorption, high hygroscopicity
Calcium phosphate <0.1 Low price, very low solubility, inorganic salts
Calcium tartrate <0.1 Very low solubility
Calcium carbonate <0.1 Low price, very low solubility, inorganic salts


Comparison of flavors:

Calcium lactate No taste/neutral taste almost
Calcium gluconate Soft taste
Calcium Citrate sour
Calcium carbonate Creamy/Lemon Flavor


5、Highly available calcium content


Products alcium content per 100g (g) Solubility


The actual solubility of calcium

(g of the calcium/100


Stability Flavor
Calcium lactate 13.7 9.3 1.27 Very high No taste/neutral taste almost
Calcium Citrate 7 0.2 0.014 low sour
Calcium gluconate 9.3 3.5 0.33 Stability soft
Calcium carbonate 40 <0.1 <0.04 Creamy/Lemon Flavor
Calcium phosphate 17-38 <0.1 <0.017-0.038 Bitter taste