The Applications of lactic acid and derivatives

Food grade lactic acid and derivatives improve the flavor, texture and nutritional components of processed foods, and extend the shelf life of final consumer products.

We provide solutions for the food industry, including bread, beverages, dairy products, sweets, fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood, mineral supplements, salty snacks, etc.


For Bakery industry

We are committed to developing customized solutions for baked products to extend shelf life and enhance flavor.

1  Sodium reduction

Sodium reduction has become a global concern, so the demand for natural ingredients is increasing. Honghui biotechnology provides natural substitutes for the chemical bentonite system; our product is a new type of SAPP, SALP, GDL and palm oil coated acid, clean label, sodium free and tasty alternatives.

2 Food Safety

The consumption demand of fresh products is increasing.

The shelf-life of bakeries is not only related to microbial spoilage, but also to deterioration of quality, such as aging. The convenience trend of manufacturers requires baking products to remain fresh throughout the distribution chain. Chemicals such as propionate are commonly used in industry to solve shelf-life problems.

Our lactic acid products provide additional food safety, because lactic acid is a natural bacteriostatic agent.

3 Flavor enhancers and textures

Lactic acid has and unique flavor characteristics

The roasting industry provides a variety of baking products. In some bread varieties, fermentation is used to obtain real flavor. This method leads to the formation of lactic acid, which produces unique flavor and flavor in the final product.

Lactic acid acts as an acidifying agent and reacts with bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) to release carbon dioxide, thus making dough rise. It is caused by rising temperature, which makes the dough rise to a uniform shape, so that the finished product has a better aesthetic appearance.


For Beverages industry 

We offer ingredients that give beverages an improved nutritional profile, stable taste and texture, and longer lasting freshness.

1 pH regulator and condiment management

The lactic acid we use in beverages is used as an antibacterial agent, a flavor enhancer, a pH control agent, and a solvent.

2 Mineral strengthening

Whether you are producing orange juice or soy milk products, we have prepared a special solution. Our products are used in a variety of beverages, including juices and juice drinks, carbonated soft drinks, milk drinks, sports and energy drinks, concentrates, near water, baby formulas and ready-to-eat iced tea.

We supply ingredients that give beverages an improved nutritional profile, stable tastes and textures, and longer-lasting freshness.


For Confectionery industry

We offer a full range of support for candy, with new textures, longer shelf life and processing advantages. Based on natural resources, our products are designed to help you provide delicious, healthy and high quality candy to your customers.

1 pH regulator and condiment management

Sugar conversion in the candy causes sticky candy and produces a negative image. The choice of acid in the candy production process is critical in the production process to avoid sugar inversion. The addition of lactic acid to the formulation can reduce the effect of sugar conversion by buffering the candy to a specific pH. 

2 Health and nutrition

Candy with health benefits has become a new industry trend. Because of the low water content of the product, strengthening is difficult, so solubility is the basic criterion for success. Our minerals range from lactic acid to high solubility, bioavailability and neutral taste.


For Dairy products

Our extensive portfolio provides solutions for the acidification, fortification, preservation and shelf life extension of dairy products.

1 Shelf life extension & Acidification

Fermentation has been used for centuries to naturally preserve food products in the dairy industry. Our range of lactic acid based products are therefore especially suitable for increasing the shelf life of dairy products in a natural way.

2 Health and nutrition

Healthy lifestyle is driving consumer behaviour and opening avenues for natural solutions. Honghui Biotech is committed to providing customers with the best natural solutions to meet their needs.


For Fruits & vegetables

Our products enable to help you create the preferred texture, great flavor release and prolong shelf life for your fresh fruit and vegetables .

1 PH adjustor

Our range of lactic acid can be used as a pH regulator for brine without having any impact on taste. Our solutions have a mild acidic taste when compared to other acids such as citric and acetic acid and can be used as an alternative to vinegar for acidification purposes.

2 Texture and Flavour management

Market trends show that consumers are looking for good texture and flavor fresh fruits and vegetables.

We committed to provide high quality calcium lactate and range of mineral lactates , to prevent to loss of firmness in fruits and vegetables.

Mineral sources added during the processing stage are also a perfect solution to prevent discolouration of fruits and vegetables such as black olives.

our range of mineral lactates for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Main functions include: mineral supplementation, astringency, antimicrobial action, etc.


For Meat, poultry & seafood industry

Honghui biotech offers range of lactic based products in the meat industry, accompanied by application and processing expertise. Our unique, integrated approach to product innovation helps solve the flavor and functionality challenges you face in developing consumer-preferred poultry, pork, beef and seafood products. Whether your challenge is flavor, texture, yield, freshness, preservation or shelf-life extension, we are here to help. We can work with you to develop complementary systems of marinades, coatings, seasonings and sauces infused with flavor to create your perfect product.

1 PH adjustor and Shelf life extension

Our range of lactic acid be used as a pH regulator for meat ,poultry & seafood . It improves colour and taste and has a positive influence on the pH value and therefore delays microbial growth. This is particularly useful for natural and artificial casings as it allows proper disinfection and hydration.Our range of lactic acid can be used as the shelf life extension.


2 Sodium reduction

One of the challenges in reducing sodium content in both meat and poultry products is that salt plays a key functional role in yield, flavor and shelf life. We have developed blends to decrease the sodium content in meat preparations and offer protection against bacteria without compromising shelf-life, taste, colour or texture. Also our range of potassium lactate products that can be used in sodium reduced products without negatively affecting flavor.


For Sauces & dressings products

Honghui Biotech offers a range of ingredients to add value and functionality to Sauce and Dressing applications.

1 Shelf life and PH adjustor

Our range of lactic acid and blends for Sauces & dressings act as antimicrobial agent, flavour enhancer, pH control agent, solvent, etc

2 Mouthfeel

Organic acids like lactic acid create a strong flavour profile of variable intensity. Vinegar used to be the most common ingredient used in sauces and dressings but its negative impact on taste limits its usage. Unlike vinegar, lactic acid has a mild, long-lasting taste that will preserve or even enhance other flavour notes such as tomato.


For Snacks products

As consumer demand for convenience and innovative foods grows, manufacturers are relying on ingredient suppliers to provide creative culinary flavor profiles.

1 Flavour and taste management :

Our range of lactic acid and lactic acid based products for Snacks. Main functions include: antimicrobial agent, flavour enhancer, pH control agent, s etc


For Mineral supplements

We have a wide range of natural minerals which are suitable sources for addition of nutrients to all types of food supplement formulations, including Tablets, Effervescent tablets,Liquid supplements & syrups, Lozenges and Powder supplements

1 Key properties of our mineral lactates and gluconates:

 Good solubility/High bioavailability/Neutral flavor/Direct compressible product grades/Easy to process (non-hygroscopic, free-flowable powders)

Products Functions Benefits Fields
Lactic Acid 55 or 60 powder Antimicrobial agent
Flavouring agent
pH regulator
Chemical synthesis raw material
Chiral intermediate
Exfoliant                          Descaling and degreasing agent
Natural product
Solid form, easy to handle
High isomeric purity
Mild taste
Bakery                  Beverages        Confectionery               Fruits & vegetables        Dairy                             Meat, poultry & seafood   Sauces & dressings     Snacks & fried food
Sodium lactate powder  Potassium lactate liquid,     Sodium Lactate power blend with Sodium acetate or sodium diacetate
Sodium Lactate liquid blend with Sodium acetate or sodium diacetate
Potassium Lactate  blend with Sodium acetate or sodium diacetate
Potassium Lactate blend with Potassium acetate or Potassium diacetate
Antimicrobial agent
Flavouring agent
pH regulator
Lengthens shelf-life
Hygroscopic agent
Humectant, moisturizer
Natural occurrence
Neutral taste
No effect on colour
Neutral pH
Bakery                                   Meat, poultry & seafood   Sauces & dressings
Calcium Lactate/Calcium Lactate Gluconate Calcium supplementation
Gelling agent
Firming agent
Flavouring agent                   Stabilizer and thickener
High bioavailability
High solubility
High calcium content
High stability
Minerals supplements   Bakery                Beverages      Confectionery            Fruits & vegetables    Dairy                          Meat, poultry & seafood   Sauces & dressings     Snacks & fried food
Mineral Lactates
(Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Aluminium, Bismuth…)
Mineral supplementation High bioavailability
High solubility
High mineral content
Minerals supplements        Bakery                Beverages     Confectionery             Fruits & vegetables    Dairy                          Meat, poultry & seafood   Sauces & dressings     Snacks & fried food
Blends of organic acids, salts and/or other ingredients, buffered Lactic Acid Antimicrobial agent
Flavouring agent
pH regulator
Buffer agent
Each blender is designed to bring specific benefits adapted to specific needs. Bakery                Beverages     Confectionery                      Meat, poultry & seafood   Sauces & dressings     Snacks & fried food