When Calcium lactate used in the vegetables, it can improve the taste of vegetables.
1       Improve pickles taste
Pickles since ancient times with coarse salt. The crude salt bitter ingredients, can be with calcium lactate bridge structure to be improved.
2    Boil the radish to prevent it from breaking
In the report on the remarkable effect of maintaining the hardness of boiled spiced radish string (Japanese side dish). Cook before the calcium lactate together with PH regulator, Cook by heating to prevent the surface from breaking. Maintain proper hardness.

Similarly, calcium lactate added to the canned fruit, canned soft food can achieve the purpose of maintaining strength.

Also , calcium lactate can be used as seasoning,
High concentration of calcium lactate bitter taste of egg, but add a small amount together  with monosodium glutamate to enhance umami. For example,when calcium used in Sashimi, it can improve the taste。