The Application Instruction of  Sodium lactate powder


I. Introduction

1, Product Description

Honghui Biotechnology’s Sodium lactate powder, also known as powdered sodium lactate, is the first newly launched product by Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in China ,which can effectively solve food safety issues and extend shelf life.

It’s used as water retention agent and preservative product. It has the advantages of “More safety, preservation efficacy” which is a good choice for food processing factories and food additive formulation factories.

Sodium lactate powder is a pure natural lactate product, the product is a white powder with natural softness

It has strong hygroscopicity in the air, easily soluble in water, 20% aqueous solution, pH value is 6.0-8.0.


2, physical and chemical properties

Product Name: sodium lactate powder (ɑ- hydroxy propionate sodium salt) Appearance: white powder

Molecular formula: CH3CHOHCOONa Molecular Weight: 112.06 g / mol


3, the main physical and chemical indicators

Sodium lactate content: 90% Silicon dioxide: ≤8

Moisture: ≤2%


4, microbiology

Total number of bacteria: ≤ 100 cfu / g Mold: ≤ 10 cfu / g

Yeast: ≤ 10 cfu / g



II, product uses

1, high efficiency with low added amount and cost saving

Powder sodium lactate has the 2-5 times preservative effect compared with liquid sodium lactate.


2, efficient and convenient, easy to use

Sodium lactate powder can be used to dry blend raw materials, easy for use and transport and storage. Completely solve the problem of the liquid sodium lactate not convenient to add into dry powder products.


3, enhance food flavor

Sodium lactate powder does not affect on food taste, odor, flavor and appearance. Professional flavor analysis data shows that its special saline taste actually enhances the flavor of the meat products


4, reduce cooking loss in meat products, increase production rate.

Its buffer characteristic and neutral PH reduce the cooking loss and improve the production rate for meat products.


5, Preservative effect no affected by products’ PH

sodium lactate powder extend food shelf life by inhibiting the microbial growth and reducing the water activity of the product to keep food preservation. Its preservative effect not affected by product’s pH.


6, high temperature resistance

High temperature resistance. It will not reduce the preservation effect under high-temperature cooking.


(B)  uses

1, It’s simple operation for using lactate powder, the powder can be added directly to meat or mix with the spices.

2, It can also be dissolve into a certain concentration solution to use for products.


(C)  dosage

The dosage of sodium lactate powder should be according to the laws and regulations of local area, the type of meat products and shelf life requirements.

Europe and Canada: No special restrictions

US: Maximum level of 0.5% (total weight of meat)

Chinese mainland: recommended amount of 0.5% -1% for single use of sodium lactate powder; recommended amount of 0.1% -0.5% for compound use of several different food additives.


(D)  application and instructions for use

Sodium lactate powder has a quite extensive use in meat products and suitable for all kinds of products of Chinese style, Western-style and high-affordable products. For example, barbecue, ham, sandwiches, sausages, Frankfurt sausage, high temperature sausage, chicken products etc..

It is also widely used in cosmetics industry, pharmaceuticals, sake.

The dosage is 0.1% -1% of the product weight add into the liquid injection, or add in to meat products directly.

As the powder of sodium lactate itself has a saline taste, so it should be appropriate to reduce the use of salt in the production process.

Sodium lactate should be store in the shade, avoid sun exposure, handle gently to avoid leak.


(E)  anti-microbials of sodium lactate powder

Sodium lactate powder as a preservative, a humectant, antioxidant synergists, flavor enhancer, has been widely used in meat products. It has obvious antiseptic effect for such as: Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium botulinum and spoilage microorganisms, etc.

It can extend shelf life 2-3 times compare with potassium sorbate. Sodium lactate can effectively inhibit and kill many kind of Grams which cause food spoilage. it has strong moisture absorption characteristics to keep the product moisturized.


Because lactate itself has a special light fragrance, it will enhance the taste and aroma of meat products. Since sodium lactate powder is produced at 120-130 ℃ high temperature, so itself has high temperature resistance. It does not reduce the effect in high-temperature cooking and can inhibit the growth of a variety of microorganisms, especially pathogenic microorganisms.

Add sodium lactate powder in Frankfurt sausage, pig liver sausages and chicken roll can inhibit the growth of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.


(F) sodium lactate powder other uses

Sodium lactate powder also can be used in soap production to prevent cracking.



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