Project Description

Assay sodium lactate Min. 96.0% w/w
Stereochemical purity (L-isomer) Min. 95.0% w/w
Water content Max. 1.0% w/w
Acidity, as lactic acid Max. 0.5%
Heavy metals ( as Pb) Max. 10 ppm
Arsenic Max. 2 ppm
Lead Max. 2 ppm
Mercury Max. 1 ppm
Chloride Max. 80 ppm
Sulphate Max. 30 ppm
Iron Max. 10 ppm
pH (20% v/v solution) 6.5-7.5
Citrate, oxalate, phosphate,tartrate Passes FCC test
Sugars Passes FCC test
Reducing substances Passes test
Methanol/methyl esters (as methanol) Max. 0.025% w/w
Cyanide Max. 0.5 ppm

It can be used in Food, Meat, Beer, Cosmetics, Other industries.

Typical applications:Used as preservative in food industry, widely used in meat products like Frankfurt, roast pork, ham, sandwich, sausage, chicken products and cooked products.
Used as moisture retention agent in cosmetic industry due to its humectant property.
Added to bar soap formulations to harden bar reduce cracking.

Packing & Delivery:  25kg/bag;900kg/pallet,18MT=20’FCL

We are the first one in China which adopted advanced process and set up our plant in according to GMP, to produce all kinds of lactic acid and its derivatives.