Project Description

Magnesium Lactate content(as anhydrous) 97.5-101.5%
Magnesium content 10.0-10.5%
Density 0.60-1.00 g/ml
Loss on drying (120℃, 4h) 14-17.0%
Heavy metals ( as Pb) Max. 10 ppm
Lead Max. 2 ppm
Iron Max.40 ppm
Chlorides Max.100 ppm
Sulphates Max.50 ppm
pH (5% v/v solution) 6.5-8.5
Positive test for magnesium Passes test EP
Positive test for lactate Passes test EP
Mesophilic bacteria Max.1000 cfu/g
Moulds and yeasts Max.100 cfu/g
Salmonella Negative
E.Coli Negative
Staphylococcus aureus Max.10 cfu/g
Coliform Max.10 cfu/g

It can be used in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Nutrition Health, Others industries

Used as oral magnesium supplements or dietary supplement to treat Magnesium deficiency. Taken as a supplement, it is used to supply an adequate amounts of the essential element, magnesium.
Present in some medicines as antacids.
Added to some food and beverages as an acidity regulator.

Mgagnesium lactate 2-Hydrate Powder, USP grade Is a white crystalline powder with bitter taste,Soluble in hot water.

Molecular formula: Mg[CH3CH(OH)COO]2·2H2O

Molecular weight: 238.44 g/mol

Packing & Delivery:  25kg/bag;800kg/pallet,16MT=20’FCL

We are the first one in China which adopted advanced process and set up our plant in according to GMP, to produce all kinds of lactic acid and its derivatives.