Project Description

Lactic acid content 53.0-57.0% w/w
Calcium lactate content 40.0-44.0% w/w
Silicon dioxide content 1.0-3.0% w/w
Water content Max. 2.0% w/w
Iron Max. 10 ppm
Chloride Max. 10 ppm
Sulphate Max. 200 ppm
Heavy metals ( as Pb) Max. 10 ppm
Lead Max. 1 ppm
Arsenic (as As) Max. 1 ppm
pH (10% v/v solution) 3.1-3.3
Particle size Min . 98% 710um



It can be used in Food & Beverage, Meat, Beer, Cakes, Confectionery, Other industries.

Typical applications:Used in bakery products to control the acidity of the dough and to act against moulds.

Add into extra sour flavor for sourdough breads.

Used in beer brewing to lower the pH and increase the body of the beer.

Used in meat process to prolong shelf life.

Used in various beverages and cocktails to impart a sour taste.

Used in sour sanding confectionery to avoid the surface wet during shelf life because of the low hygroscopicity of the acid powder. Resulting in an acid sanded candy with a good appearance.

Packing & Delivery:

— 25kg/bag;750kg/pallet,15MT=20’FCL

— 25kg/fibre drum,450kg/pallet,9MT=20’FCL

— 20kg/carton box,480kg/pallet,11.2MT=20’FCL

We are the first one in China which adopted advanced process and set up our plant in according to GMP, to produce all kinds of lactic acid and its derivatives.