First of all, the main components of calcium supplement products are as follows: Organic calcium: such as calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, calcium acetate, calcium citrate, fructose acid calcium,calcium lactate gluconate  etc.

The solubility of organic calcium is higher, the irritation to gastrointestinal tract is small, but the content of calcium is less and the absorption rate is 10-15%. Inorganic calcium: such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium oxide, calcium phosphate, etc., the absorption rate in 30%-40%.


The solubility of inorganic calcium is lower, the stimulation to gastrointestinal is higher, but the content of calcium is relatively high.


Active Calcium: Active calcium is based on animal bones and shells as raw materials, calcined at high temperature, electrolytic conversion, mainly for calcium hydroxide and calcium chloride.

The active calcium has high ionic degree, the solubility is big, but its bioavailability is not high, the calcium content is little, its small liquid is strong alkaline (ph>12), the acute toxicity is big, to the gastrointestinal stimulation is big, easy to cause nausea, vomiting and so on, the calcium product contain heavy metal (lead, arsenic, cadmium etc.) content is high.

People should consider these five factors while they choose calcium:high calcium content; Good solubility;The intestinal absorption degree is high;Good bioavailability;Low heavy metal content, natural pollution-free.