How is sodium lactate powder used in meat products?


With the limited use of phosphates in meat products, the use of sodium lactate powder as an alternative water retention agent is becoming more and more common. Sodium lactate powder maintains the moisture of protein through the action of protein, increases the softness of protein, expands the protein tissue, prevents the product from aging, and keeps the product fresh. Sodium lactate powder can reduce the activity of water, have water retention effect, increase product yield, and control water discharge. Sodium lactate powder is a pure natural preservative, neutral PH, with excellent PH buffer capacity, mild salty taste, reduced dosage, low Na preservatives.

Sodium lactate powder is used in meat formulations to provide specific flavours, extend shelf life, and increase safety for meat products. Sodium lactate powder has been the fastest accepted new non-meat ingredient in the past decade to improve meat products. Added value.

Sodium lactate powder is a kind of free-flowing powder with different properties. Our sodium lactate 100 non-carrier pure powder is used in food applications and has antibacterial, moisturizing and flavor enhancing properties.


Sodium lactate is a sodium salt of lactic acid, has a low melting point and hygroscopicity, and has a slight salty taste. The ingredients used in the production of sweet bread crumbs and reduced aging also provide the protein plasticizing effect of biscuits.


The product is widely used in the meat industry, in the fresh and cooked whole muscles and emulsified meat products – to extend shelf life and improve food safety. Sodium lactate powder  also can be used as a substitute for sodium chloride and dehydrated salt or moisturizer-moisturizer in the preparation of frankfurters.


Our sodium lactate powder blend with sodium diacetate in powder is a great preservative used in meat and poultry manufacturers meet in order to string food safety targets.