Calcium is an indispensable material for human life and health. The amount of calcium in the body’s mineral content is the highest,Adults reach 1 to 1.2 kg in weight. The bones and teeth constitute 99% of the total calcium, and the remaining 1% is the activity of various enzymes Life activities such as sexuality, muscle expansion, and cells and blood have important missions. Therefore, some people describe calcium as the “source of life.”Not too much. People find in their lives that especially elderly people and postmenopausal women suffer from many diseases caused by calcium deficiency.Such as osteoporosis and other chronic diseases. The lack of calcium during development of children and adolescents is prone to cause indigestion, metabolic disorders, and hair loss.Infertility, severe cases can suffer from rickets. Therefore, calcium supplementation has attracted the attention of various countries, using various calcium raw materials to strengthen calcium in foods.

Soluble calcium: The most common soluble calcium salt is tricalcium citrate (TCC). Calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, calcium lactate gluconate. Calcium citrate has a calcium content of 21%, which is powdery, with a medium solubility, sour taste and pure taste. Tricalcium citrate has the so-called “reversal solubility”, ie higher solubility at lower temperatures and lower solubility at higher temperatures. In this way, the side reactions are reduced and the loss of calcium is less during the processing. Tricalcium citrate has a high bioavailability. Among organic calcium salts, the use of calcium citrate is the most economical. In turbid drinks, calcium citrate is the best choice, and its particles can be well suspended in the beverage. The addition of calcium citrate to orange juice enhances both calcium and quality. Micronized tricalcium citrate is also used in nutritional bars and chewing gums to improve the taste. Calcium lactate contains 13% calcium. The white powder is free flowing and stable, and it will not absorb moisture for a long time. It has better solubility than calcium citrate and is the best choice for clear drinks. Can be used as a carrier for lactic acid. However, bitterness appears at high concentrations. Calcium gluconate, white, granular powder, easily soluble in boiling water and slowly soluble in water. Non-irritating to the gastrointestinal tract is a commonly used calcium supplement. Lactate calcium gluconate is no longer a simple mixture of calcium lactate and calcium gluconate. It has different physical properties from calcium lactate and calcium gluconate, and its solubility is higher than that of any of them. The flavor is also very good. It is ideal for use in clarified soft drinks that require high calcium fortification and in high concentrations of premixed foods.