One of our customers want to make milk protein solid beverages. They want to make sour flavors similar to yogurt, and are currently looking for acidity regulators. Researchers chose citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, and calcium lactate. From the taste, citric acid belongs to the former acid, and malic acid belongs to the middle and lactic acid. However, the sourness elicited by citric acid and malic acid is more suitable for fruity beverages, and customers want to make acidic drinks such as yogurt. With citric acid and malic acid, it is more difficult to realize more suitable for fruity beverages. Suitable for milk drinks, is an acidity regulator, has a mild sour taste, but lactic acid is generally a liquid, we are a solid drink, can not add liquid lactic acid. Calcium lactate is a solid, but it is a source of calcium and the pH ester is alkaline, which of course cannot be used as an acidity regulator.

Our sales staff recommended 55% and 60% of the powder lactic acid to the customer based on the customer’s needs, because the powdered lactic acid is a complex of calcium lactate and lactic acid. It satisfies both solid and calcium and lactic acid as acidity regulators. Agent, there is also a good cushioning. Many of our customers use this product in the production of sports solid beverages.


The addition of calcium lactate to the jelly has the effect of increasing the gel strength and also the calcium supplementation. Because calcium ions favor the gel of the jelly food ingredient carrageenan, an irreversible gel can be formed. Calcium salt reacts with pectin, alginic acid and other polysaccharides to form a gel structure of the bridge structure. In addition, calcium lactate is often used as a gelling agent due to its superior solubility and easy formation of uniform gelation. In jelly production, adding a certain dose of calcium lactate not only improves the nutritional value, but also stabilizes the product gel system and increases its gel strength. At the same time there is also the effect of calcium supplementation.