Calcium lactate pentahydrate is a white powder or granular, it can be widely used in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Nutrition Health, Others industries as Calcium enhancer.


It’s benefits as for Calcium enhancer.


(1) Because of its good solubility and taste, and does not precipitate with other substances reaction is widely used in dairy products and various beverages, such as milk powder, liquid milk, lactic acid bacteria drinks, fruits and vegetables, protein drinks, from calcium fortification effect.

(2) for various cereal crackers cereal biscuit cereal foods, nutritional enhancement of calcium, such as bread, bread, rice noodles, rice crackers, puffed food convenience foods, with calcium to strengthen and protect the teeth and so on.

(3) for calcium tablets, granules calcium oral solution, the advantage of high solubility and good body absorption and absorption rate, non-toxic side effects.


Currently, we produce Calcium lactate pentahydrate, calcium lactate trihydrate with powder and granular.