Calcium lactate is used in bakery products as acidity stabilizers such as bread, muffins and cakes

Baked goods include bread, biscuits, cakes, snack foods, etc. The main raw materials are flour, sugar, oil, dairy, etc. The quality of the products depends on the selected raw materials and process technology, as well as the correct choice and combination of the food ingredients/additives.

Calcium lactate is used as a food additive in baking, which gives a very mild taste.

Calcium lactate has the effect of making the dough stronger (especially if other ingredients such as milk protein are added to the formula) and the consistency of the dough is reduced during mixing. Because Ca2+ cation helps crosslink negatively charged polymers (casein), forming a stronger network, which may help capture carbon dioxide bubbles during the proofing process and rise during the baking process. It helps strengthen the gluten in the flour for better results after baking.

The texture profile of bakery products including hardness, springiness, cohesiveness and chewiness of fresh and 24-hour-stored, texture characteristics including fresh and 24-hour storage hardness, elasticity, cohesiveness and chewiness. The addition of calcium lactate did not influence significant the crumb hardness, and it improved substantially the springiness and cohesiveness, calcium lactate delay gelatinization process, compared with fresh bread, the addition of calcium lactate does not significantly affect the breadcrumb hardness, and basically Improved elasticity and adhesion,

Calcium lactate is involved in maintaining the textural quality of produce because calcium ions form crosslinks or bridges between the free carboxyl groups of the pectin chains, resulting in cell wall strengthening.

The benefit of using calcium lactate in baking fermentation is that the amount of acid used can be minimal and that the product will be set correctly during baking.

We product different types of calcium lactate for your choose:

Types Production process
Calcium lactate 5-hydrate ( fermentation process),food grade fermentation process
Calcium lactate 5-hydrate ( neutralizational process),food grade neutralizational process
Calcium lactate 5-hydrate ( neutralizational process),FCC grade
Calcium lactate 5-hydrate ( neutralizational process),USP grade