Application of lactate blend(sodium lactate mix with sodium diacetate, potassium lactate mix with sodium diacetate) used in meat industry


1 The American market (mainly Mexico, the United States, Brazil) mainly use lactate blends such as the mixture of potassium lactate and sodium diacetate, the mixture of citric acid and lactic acid, the mixture of potassium lactate and sodium lactate, the mixture of potassium lactate and potassium acetate.

The mixture of sodium lactate and sodium diacetate / sodium acetate are used instead of sodium lactate, which is convenient for transportation, saves costs, and reduces the dosage. Replace sodium lactate with a mixture of sodium lactate and potassium lactate to reduce sodium ion intake, lower blood pressure, and reduce heart disease.

2 Sodium lactate and sodium diacetate can inhibit Listeria and Salmonella, and the effect of inhibiting spores is the best.

3 Sodium lactate inhibits toxin production used in meat products at 8 degree with 3.6% concentration.

4 A mixture of sodium lactate and sodium acetate, 1.5% and 0.15% are used in the small red intestine to inhibit Listeria.

5 In the turkey slaughter process and freezer storage, use 1.5% potassium lactate and 0.05% sodium diacetate to inhibit Listeria. A mixture of lactic acid and lauric acid is used to inhibit Listeria at 4 degree.

  1. Identification of the functional impact of additives in pork:

-Represents a negative impact

-very negative impact

— extremely negative impact

~ almost no impact

+ positive impact

++ very positive impact

+++ The impact is very good

Ingredients Color Juicy Tenderness Taste Taste shelf life Microbial shelf life Safety
water ++ ++ ~
Sodium Triphosphate + ++ ++ + ~ ~
Nacl + + ++ ~ + +
Sodium lactate + + + ++ ++ +++ +++
Potassium lactate ~ + + + + ++ ++
Sodium diacetate ~ ~ ~ +++ +++



  1. Use a mixture of lactic acid and sodium diacetate, 2.5%-3% dosage, used in Frankfurt sausage.
  2. Sodium lactate powder is used in soap production to prevent cracking.
  3. Collagen casing, 0.1% lactic acid, deashing cowhide.